ProFolio Premium Album

  • Simple to use
    Simply peel back PolyGlass® sheet, position and cover. Reposition items over and over.
  • Acid free • Photo safe
    For photos, artwork, mementos, craft projects, keepsakes and more. 20 pages.
  • Lifetime warranty
    Will not discolor, crack or dry out. Made in Japan.
  • Linen covers
    Available in three sizes, in three colors: black, brown and cream.

Item# Size Page Dimensions Also Fits
CA-100 1up 4 x 6 7″x5″ Instax® photos – 2.3″x3.5″
CA-200 2up 4 x 6 7″x10″ 5″x7″ and A5
CA-400 letter 9.5″x12.25″ 8″x10″, 9″x12″ and A4