Itoya Switch Stapler

The SWITCH ULTRA™ Heavy Duty Cassette Stapler from ITOYA features the added capacity of stapling up to 120 sheets of standard copier paper.

ProFolio with Clear Cover

Features a full-view pocket on the front cover and a reversible spine insert label for fully customized presentations and reports.

ProFolio Art + Desk Organizer

The ProFolio® Art + Desk Organizer is the better way to organize various art supplies, pens, and desk accessories.

ProFolio Hikigiri Scissors

ProFolio Hikigiri Scissors are designed for artists. Because artists want more than just ugly scissors with bright plastic handles. Artists demand scissors that look better, cut better, and feel better.

ITOYA O’Glue Professional

ITOYA’s O’Glue Professional takes the best selling O’Glue and improves it even further.

Itoya Springpost Binder

ITOYA’s SpringPost® Binder is a large capacity storage and retrievable binder.

Keba Frost Binders

A unique binder with an ergonomic transparent-colored spine and a polypropylene transparent cover.

Keba Ergo Binders

A unique binder with an ergonomic black-colored spine and a polypropylene black cover.

Itoya Pocketlens

Magnify your vision with the flat and compact Pocketlens

Itoya Calligraphy Marker

The Itoya Calligraphy Marker features 2 chisel points that give the option of a thick or thin line.

Itoya Xenon Pen

Retractable, lightweight pen that includes a comfortable rubber grip with pressure ridges.

PaperSkater Timeless Pen

The brand name for ITOYA’s writing instrument lineup with a smooth twist mechanism

ProFolio Journal Sidekick

The magnetic pen holder for any journal size.

ProFolio PolyZip Envelopes

ProFolio PolyZip Envelopes offer easy-to-use zip closure and a clear front pocket.

Itoya PolyEnvelope

The PolyEnvelope features heat-welded seams, making it much more durable and long lasting then traditional paper envelopes.

ProFolio Project Folder

The perfect folder for all types of home, office, school, or organizational projects with a unique tab system for easy and secure document storage or transportation.

Pen Refills

Pen Refill Chart AquaRoller Pens Gel Pens Ballpoint Pens Roller Ball Pens DC100 MD100 SS810 XE100 XE200 SK100 CG830 SS870 XR100 A500 K420 K400 K500 NP10 NP12 G200 AQR-7 (0.7mm) Color: Black O  O O AQR-10 (1.0mm) Color: Black u  O O AQR-10 (1.0mm) Color: Blue O  O O GPR-7 (0.7mm) Color: Black O u […]

ProFolio Journal Sidekick Zipper Case

The ProFolio Journal Sidekick Zipper Case is a magnetic case originally designed to hold art supplies and attach to your favorite journal or notebook.

Profolio Journal Sidekick See Inside

The ProFolio Journal Sidekick Zipper Case is a magnetic case originally designed to hold art supplies and attach to your favorite journal or notebook.

ITOYA Blade Ready-To-Write Fountain Pen

The ITOYA Blade combines the classic writing appeal of fountain pens with the contemporary needs of a ready-to-write pen.

ProFolio Pop-Up Easel

The ProFolio Pop-Up Easel is an innovative presentation book that both can lie flat, and stand up entirely on its own.

PaperSkater Pointkeeper Pencil

The PaperSkater Pointkeeper Pencil combines the classic feel of your high school No.2 pencil with the practicality of the more modern mechanical pencils we have all grown to know and love.

Paperskater Galaxy Fountain Pen

The PaperSkater Galaxy Fountain Pen allows you to adorn your Itoya Blade Pen with a high-end body in one of four stunning colors.


The two-pocket ProFolder® is the folder for people who are tired of poor quality folders that crease, tear, look ugly, and don’t protect your papers inside.