ProFolio Entourage Tote Bag

The ProFolio Entourage™ Tote Bag is the perfect carry-all for all of your markers, brushes, paint tubes, spray cans, photography accessories, and anything else that you need by your side.

ProFolio Poster Binder

The ProFolio® Poster Binder is the largest presentation and storage book ever created by ProFolio. After spending over a year on research and development, we have finally found a way to create a 24”x36” pocket that is strong enough and clear enough to have the ProFolio name attached! The Poster Binder’s 24” x 36” pockets […]

ProFolio Archive-All Storage Box

The ProFolio® Archive-All Storage Box is the answer for all of your organizational needs! Available in four sizes, these boxes are perfect for anything from documents and photos to organizing all those knick-knacks you still haven’t found a place for storing. With its convenient clamshell design, the Archive-All Storage Box is easy to use and […]

ProFolio Midtown Pouch

The Profolio Midtown Pouch was designed to hold anything you can think of, from art supplies and A6 notebooks, to cables and even toiletries.

ProFolio Midtown Bag

ProFolio Midtown Bag is a contemporary felt bag perfect for carrying large sketchpads, canvases, and artwork.

ProFolio ArtEnvelope Pro

The ProFolio ArtEnvelope Pro is weather resistant and lightweight, and is able to store artwork, paintings and photographs.

ProFolio ArtEnvelope One

The ProFolio ArtEnvelope One is perfect for transporting paper, sketchpads, canvases, and framed artwork.

ProFolio Magnet Closure Portfolio Case

The ProFolio Magnet Closure Portfolio Case has a 1/4″ capacity and protects documents/art on all four sides with quick magnetic closure.

ProFolio Zipper Binder

The ProFolio Zipper Binder includes five PolyGlass pocket sheets and is available in four multi-ring binder sizes.

ProFolio Zipper Portfolio

The ProFolio Zipper Portfolio is lightweight and durable, and available in four different sizes.

ProFolio Marker Case To Go

The ProFolio Marker Case To Go is lightweight and durable, and holds up to 72 graphic markers.

ProFolio Marker & Pad Carrier

Removable stand-up marker holder, perfect for carrying markers, marker refills, pencils and sketchbooks.

ProFolio PolyZip Envelopes

ProFolio PolyZip Envelopes offer easy-to-use zip closure and a clear front pocket.

ProFolio Project Folder

The perfect folder for all types of home, office, school, or organizational projects with a unique tab system for easy and secure document storage or transportation.