ProFolio Expressions

The Profolio Expressions line was developed to give personality to the traditionally black presentation books of today. With a new printing technology that allows designs to be printed right on the polypropylene covers, ITOYA has been able to create three unique designs for our portfolios that are durable and won’t scratch off. The clear pockets are the same high quality, acid-free pockets found in the Original ProFolio product line, and the black acid-free paper inserts are as well. The Profolio Expressions are offered in letter size with 12 clear pockets for 24 views.

  • Durable, scratch-proof covers
  • Thick gauge black, acid-free mounting paper
  • Archival safe
  • Clear, top-loading pocket sheets
  • 12 sleeves for 24 views

Individual Open Stock

Item No. EP-12811-BKC EP-12811-AQS EP-12811-BRS
Pattern Black Chevron Aqua Squares Brown Squares
UPC Code 0 75633 90810 8 0 75633 90811 5 0 75633 90812 2
Quantity 12 ea. 12 ea. 12 ea.
List Price
US $9.99/ea.
CAN $10.99/ea.
US $9.99/ea.
CAN $10.99/ea.
US $9.99/ea.
CAN $10.99/ea.

Assortment and Display

Item No. EP-3X6A – assortment EP-3100 – display
UPC Code 0 75633 90813 9 0 75633 90814 6
Quantity 6 pcs. each EP-12811-BKC, EP-12811-AQS and EP-12811-BRS 12 pcs. each EP-12811-BKC, EP-12811-AQS, EP-12811-BRS and one free acrylic display
List Price
US $179.82 assortment
CAN $197.82 assortment
US $359.64 display
CAN $395.64 display