Introducing the Itoya Social Impact Pen Series (SIPS)

Introducing the Remembering Ishikawa 2024 Pen

Working together to support our international community

Following the devastating Noto Peninsula earthquake in Japan on January 1, 2024, Itoya ProFolio stands in solidarity with affected communities. With over 213 casualties and 37 missing, the road to recovery is daunting, particularly with extensive infrastructure damage and thousands displaced.

Rooted in Japan, our mission to bring quality Japanese goods to North America spans over 47 years. Many artisans in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, where our brands Taccia and Palisades originate, face significant challenges due to damaged buildings and homes.

In response, we introduce the Honoring Ishikawa 2024 pen, symbolizing unity and support. Itoya ProFolio staff believe that collectively, we can make a difference in our communities both near and far. Crafted by one of Itoya’s partner brands, Penlux, $100 from each sale aids relief efforts. Our goal is to donate $10,000 to Peace Winds with the sale of 100 pens. This pen offering will be part of a new organization-wide effort called the Social Impact Pen Series, or SIPS.

The pen’s design, reminiscent of ocean waves, underscores our global interconnectedness. Each pen is also inscribed with “Honoring Ishikawa 2024” on the side. Track donations at as we stand by the Ishikawa Prefecture and its surrounding areas on their path to recovery.

MSRP: $170 

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