ProFolio Oasis Light

These days, it’s common to carry around many notebooks for different projects, clients, creative endeavors, or school subjects. While useful, this can make your bag extremely heavy and uncomfortable.

The ProFolio Oasis Light is designed to solve this problem. At a lighter weight than other comparable journals, the Oasis Light makes carrying around several notebooks not only bearable, but nearly unnoticeable. With seven different colors, it is easy to manage many notebooks and differentiate them quickly.

Unlike many lower quality, scratchy paper notebooks, the ProFolio Oasis Light is high quality and made in Japan. The proprietary paper pattern on the inside is a combination of grid, line, and dots making it the perfect notebook for any occasion. It is easy to both take notes and draw columns or charts without the need of a ruler. The paper is smooth, pleasant to write on, and unique to find in a notebook at such an affordable price. Try the ProFolio Oasis Light today and see the difference for yourself!

  • Versatile notebooks available in seven vibrant colors
  • Proprietary paper pattern combines grid, lines and dots • Quality, smooth, 70 gsm Japanese paper
  • 30 pages in B5 size: 7 ”x 9.9”


Individual Open Stock

Color Blueberry Grape Mint Mustard
UPC Code 0 75633 60270 9 0 75633 60271 6 0 75633 60272 3 0 75633 60273 0
Shelf Pack 6 ea. 6 ea. 6 ea. 6 ea.


Color Rose Thundercloud Tomato
UPC Code 0 75633 60278 5 0 75633 60276 1 0 75633 60277 8
Shelf Pack 6 ea. 6 ea. 6 ea.


Assortment and Display

Item No. OAL-44A – assortment OAL-7000 – display
UPC Code 0 75633 60280 8 0 75633 60279 2
Quantity 6 pcs. of each size and color (42 pieces total – plus 2 free sample notebooks!) 18 pcs. each grape, mint, mustard, rose and tomato; 36 pcs. each blueberry and thundercloud (162 pieces total) plus display