PaperSkater Timeless Pen

The PaperSkater Timeless® pen’s hexagonal solid metal body creates an industrial and modern look, while the accent color inlays offer a playful and retro 1960’s feel. As the PaperSkater’s flagship pen, the Timeless has a nice weight to it that feels good in the hand while writing.

Assembled in California, the Timeless ballpoint pen’s smooth twist mechanism is made in Germany, along with the Parker-style EasyFlow medium German refill that has the “liquid ink” feel of a rollerball, but all the advantages of a ballpoint. High quality ingredients make a great pen! Offered as a twist ballpoint pen, the PaperSkater Timeless pen is available in two barrel colors: Black IP and Gunmetal Gray — and three different color inlays: ocean, rose, and white.

  • Hexagonal metal body
  • Nice weight, feels good in the hand
  • Smooth twist mechanism made in Germany
  • Parker-style EasyFlow German medium ballpoint refill
  • Available in two barrel colors: Black IP and Gunmetal Gray, and three color inlays: Ocean, Rose, and White


Item # Description
TL-BK-OC IP Black with Ocean blue inlays
TL-BK-RS IP Black with Rose inlays
TL-BK-WT IP Black with White inlays
TL-GM-OC Gunmetal with Ocean blue inlays
TL-GM-RS Gunmetal with Rose inlays
TL-GM-WT Gunmetal with White inlays