Vinyl ProFolio

Finally – A Presentation Book for Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are back! Can you believe that last year, records outsold CDs for total sales dollars in North America, again? The large format of records allows for cool cover art to really shine. So, how does a record collector showcase this art and store their valuable record collection? In the ProFolio for Vinyl Records!

The ProFolio for Vinyl Records is the only book of its kind. Twelve standard vinyl records and their sleeves fit perfectly in the acid-free polypropylene pockets which have a patented gusset that expands when the record sleeve is inserted. Because of the gussets, the pockets stay flat and don’t buckle or twist, allowing for each page to be turned effortlessly as you flip through to see all twelve records and their beautiful sleeves. Thick gauge, black, acid-neutral paper is also included in each pocket to keep the backsides of your record sleeves archival-safe and secure.

Like the best-selling Original Art ProFolio presentation books, the ProFolio for Vinyl Records has a customizable, reversible spine for ease of labeling exactly what’s inside each book.

Finally, each book comes with a super durable, black, polypropylene acid-free sleeve to protect your valuable records as they sit on your bookshelf or while you transport them to your friends and family’s houses.

You haven’t seen anything like this because there has never been anything like this before!

  • Patented gusseted pockets
  • Customizable reversible spine insert
  • Durable protective sleeves


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