ProFolio Oasis Notebook

The Profolio Oasis Notebook was designed to make the hard choice of “which journal” much easier. While many people have a hard time choosing between dot grid, graph, or lined, the Oasis Journal combines the best of all three with its new proprietary paper pattern. The combination of dots, grids, and lines as well as their light application makes this notebook ideal for handwriting, bullet journaling, and even drawing straight lines without the necessity of a ruler.

Finally, the Oasis Notebook is filled with soft Japanese paper which is magically both thin and fountain-pen friendly. With its ability to lay entirely flat or fold 360 degrees, it’s the perfect companion for people who are right handed or left handed. Never worry about smudging your work again!

  • Three sizes: A5, A6, and B5
  • Five colors: avocado, brick, charcoal, sky, and wintergreen
  • Made in Japan
  • Combined grid, line, and dot pattern
  • 75 gsm Japanese paper
  • 80 sheets
  • Opens completely flat

Individual Open Stock

Item No. Size / Color
OA-SM-AV A6 / Avocado
OA-SM-BR A6 / Brick
OA-SM-CH A6 / Charcoal
OA-MD-AV A5 / Avocado
OA-MD-BR A5 / Brick
OA-MD-CH A5 / Charcoal
OA-LG-AV B5 / Avocado
OA-LG-BR B5 / Brick
OA-LG-CH B5 / Charcoal
OA-SM-SK A6 / Sky
OA-MD-SK A5 / Sky
OA-LG-SK B5 / Sky
OA-SM-WG A6 / Wintergreen
OA-MD-WG A5 / Wintergreen
OA-LG-WG B5 / Wintergreen

Counter Display

Item No. Quantity
OA-5400 6 pieces of each size – brick, charcoal, avocado (54 pieces total)
OA-6600 6 pieces of each size – wintergreen, charcoal, sky (54 pieces total)