ProFolio Midtown Pouch

The Profolio Midtown Pouch was designed to hold anything you can think of, from art supplies and A6 notebooks, to cables and even toiletries. Its multiple compartments make it easy to organize many items, and the four different color variations allow you to choose a style that fits your personality. Made of soft felt, the Midtown Pouch is water-resistant and lightweight, making it one of the world’s best travel companions.

  • Two sizes: 4 x 7” and 5 x 9”
  • Four color combinations – grey and blue, grey and purple, green and purple, blue and orange
  • Water resistant
  • Made of felt
  • Center credit card slot with two pen pouches on either side
  • Holds pens, pencils, inks, journals, toiletries, cables, credit cards, etc.

Item No. Color
MDP-47-CHMR Charcoal / Maroon
MDP-47-GNPU Green / Purple
MDP-47-GYBU Gray / Blue
MDP-47-OCOR Ocean / Orange
MDP-59-CHMR Charcoal / Maroon
MDP-59-GNPU Green / Purple
MDP-59-GYBU Gray / Blue
MDP-59-OCOR Ocean / Orange
MDP-47-BKWG Black/Wintergreen
MDP-59-BKWG Black/Wintergreen
MDP-47-BULG Blue/Lagoon
MDP-59-BULG Blue/Lagoon


Item No. Quantity
MDP-7200 6 pieces of each size and color (72 pieces total)
MDP-4718 3 pieces of each color 4″x7″ (18 pieces total plus display)
MDP-5918 3 pieces of each color 5″x9″ (18 pieces total plus display)