PaperSkater Galaxy Fountain Pen

The PaperSkater Galaxy Fountain Pen allows you to adorn your Itoya Blade Pen with a high-end body in one of four stunning colors. These bright hues, inspired by our beautiful galaxy, are cobalt, charcoal, fire, and limelight. With their brushed aluminum bodies, these pens bring class to the pockets and desks of anyone who uses them. Finally, though the PaperSkater Fountain Pen comes filled with a ready-to-write, fine-tipped Itoya Blade Disposable Fountain Pen, it also comes with an adapter so that you can easily replace it with a Pilot Varsity or Zebra Pen of your choice.

  • 4 colors: cobalt, charcoal, fire, and limelight
  • Made of lightweight, brushed aluminum
  • Filled with an Itoya Blade Disposable Fountain Pen
  • Refills with an Itoya Blade Disposable Fountain Pen, Pilot Varsity, Or Zebra Disposable Fountain Pens
Item No. Color
GX-1-CB Cobalt (blue)
GX-1-CC Charcoal (black)
GX-1-FF Firefly (orange)
GX-1-LL Limelight (gold)