ProFolio Magnet Closure Portfolio Case

No more strings to tie! Are you tired of the old portfolio cases, with three strings to tie,
that have been around for decades and even centuries? ProFolio presents an easier
way to store and transport artwork, photography, business documents, collectibles,
and anything else you want to protect.

Lightweight, durable, and rigid, the ProFolio Magnet Closure Portfolio Case has room
for 1/4 inch of papers. The case simply opens and closes with two magnets on the
closures (the 22” x 30” has three magnets) that provide quick and easy access to your
artwork and documents. The acid-free, black polypropylene construction makes sure
your art is secure. Available in four popular art sizes.

  • No strings to tie! Easy and quick magnetic closure firmly secures documents
  • Professional grade thick polypropylene construction is lightweight and durable
  • 1/4″ capacity and protects your art and documents on all four sides


Item # Size
MG-811BK 8-1/2” x 11″
MG-1117BK 11” x 17”
MG-1824BK 18” x 24”
MG-2230BK 22” x 30″