ProFolio Midtown Bag

The ProFolio Midtown Bag was developed as the answer to the question: Why isn’t there an art carrying bag that looks attractive enough for an artist to carry?

The ProFolio Midtown Bag combines a sleek urban look, a soft and durable felt material, and an easy-to-use design for everyday use. It’s perfect for carrying large format sketchpads, canvases, presentation boards, artwork, posters, and frames. The Midtown Bag is extremely durable with its one-piece construction and has polypropylene-enforced handles that are both comfortable and reliable. Available in two exciting color schemes: gray felt with purple accent stitching, and black felt with blue accent stitching. Offered in four popular art sizes for your large format art, photography, and business needs.

  • Large format artwork carrier
  • Contemporary felt bag perfect for carrying large sketchpads, canvases, presentation boards, artwork, posters and frames
  • Durable, one-piece construction with reinforced handles

Item #SizeDescription

MD-1421-BK/BU 14” x 21” Black with Blue stitching
MD-1421-GY/PU 14” x 21” Gray with Purple stitching
MD-1723-BK/BU 17” x 23” Black with Blue stitching
MD-1723-GY/PU 17” x 23” Gray with Purple stitching
MD-1926-BK/BU 19” x 26” Black with Blue stitching
MD-1926-GY/PU 19” x 26” Gray with Purple stitching
MD-2231-BK/BU 23” x 31” Black with Blue stitching
MD-2231-GY/PU 23” x 31” Gray with Purple stitching