Vinyl ProFolio

Finally – A Presentation Book for Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are back! Can you believe that last year, records outsold CDs for total sales dollars in North America, again? The large format of records allows for cool cover art to really shine. So, how does a record collector showcase this art and store their valuable record collection? In the ProFolio for Vinyl Records!

The ProFolio for Vinyl Records is the only book of its kind. Twelve standard vinyl records and their sleeves fit perfectly in the acid-free polypropylene pockets which have a patented gusset that expands when the record sleeve is inserted. Because of the gussets, the pockets stay flat and don’t buckle or twist, allowing for each page to be turned effortlessly as you flip through to see all twelve records and their beautiful sleeves. Thick gauge, black, acid-neutral paper is also included in each pocket to keep the backsides of your record sleeves archival-safe and secure.

Like the best-selling Original Art ProFolio presentation books, the ProFolio for Vinyl Records has a customizable, reversible spine for ease of labeling exactly what’s inside each book.

Finally, each book comes with a super durable, black, polypropylene acid-free sleeve to protect your valuable records as they sit on your bookshelf or while you transport them to your friends and family’s houses.

You haven’t seen anything like this because there has never been anything like this before!

  • Patented gusseted pockets
  • Customizable reversible spine insert
  • Durable protective sleeves


Individual Open Stock

Item No. IC-12-RC
UPC Code 0 75633 94201 0
Shelf Pack 3 each


The two-pocket ProFolder® is the folder for people who are tired of poor quality folders that crease, tear, look ugly, and don’t protect your papers inside. Truly designed with professionals in mind, the ProFolder by ProFolio® is made out of a durable polypropylene material that will look great even after months of use! No more scuffed corners and edges, and no scratches that show the white paper underneath.

But wait, there’s more! There’s also a business card-sized clear pocket on the front cover so you can title each ProFolder for hundreds of different uses. Have different folders for different projects, different customers, separate school subjects, or just use the folder to give out with your own business card featured front and center.

Available in letter size and in four translucent colors: blue, lime, purple and smoke.

  • Holds 8.5” x 11” letter sized paper
  • Durable polypropylene material
  • Customize business card sized window insert for school classes, work projects, artwork, photography, invoices and more!


Individual Open Stock

Counter Display

Item No. Color UPC Shelf Pack
FL-811BU Blue 0 75633 91260 0 12 ea.
FL-811LM Lime 0 75633 91261 7 12 ea.
FL-811PU Purple 0 75633 91262 4 12 ea.
FL-811SM Smoke 0 75633 91263 1 12 ea.  
Item No. UPC Quantity
FL-8CD 0 75633 91264 8 12 pieces of each color

(48 pieces total)

The Original Art ProFolio

The only storage/display book of its kind! Accept no imitations!  Completely acid-free through its polypropylene, PVC-free construction and quality crafted, black acid-free mounting paper provided in each page. Archival safe for all your art storage needs.

Great for storing photographs of all sizes. Top-loading, clear polypropylene sheets will not stick to copier toner and are also ideal for storing a vast array of artwork and memory projects.

Store and display artwork and photos in a wide array of portrait, landscape, metric and multi-page format sizes:

  • 100% acid-free and archival safe
  • Durable polypropylene cover
  • Clear top-loading polypropylene pocket pages
  • A reversible spine insert; which allows for customized titling and organization
  • Thick gauge, acid-free black mounting paper
  • Inner cover pocket (included on most sizes) for quick-access storage
  • 24 sleeves for 48 views

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ProFolio Midtown Bag

The ProFolio Midtown Bag was developed as the answer to the question: Why isn’t there an art carrying bag that looks attractive enough for an artist to carry?

The ProFolio Midtown Bag combines a sleek urban look, a soft and durable felt material, and an easy-to-use design for everyday use. It’s perfect for carrying large format sketchpads, canvases, presentation boards, artwork, posters, and frames. The Midtown Bag is extremely durable with its one-piece construction and has polypropylene-enforced handles that are both comfortable and reliable. Available in two exciting color schemes: gray felt with purple accent stitching, and black felt with blue accent stitching. Offered in four popular art sizes for your large format art, photography, and business needs.

  • Large format artwork carrier
  • Contemporary felt bag perfect for carrying large sketchpads, canvases, presentation boards, artwork, posters and frames
  • Durable, one-piece construction with reinforced handles

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ProFolio ArtEnvelope Pro

ITOYA expands the newest modern art transportation segment with the Art Profolio® brand ArtEnvelope PRO, a new twist on a traditional style portfolio.  Designed to withstand the elements better than cheap paper based envelopes,  the ArtEnvelope PRO is made from an advanced coated non-woven polypropylene material,  making it weather resistant.  Available in seven popular sizes, the ArtEnvelope PRO is perfect for transporting Art Profolio brand presentation albums to and from school, the office and to important meetings.  With its textured interior, the ArtEnvelope PRO is also delicate enough for carrying and storing artwork,  paintings and photographs.  Strong perimeter stitching and a durable handle allow for long term use while its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry.  Gloss black exterior with black comfortable nylon handles.

  • For Storing and Transporting artwork, photography, canvases and Art Profolio® Brand albums
  • Weather resistant, lightweight and durable
  • Acid free
  • Comfort handle
  • Expanding 2” gusset
  • Available in 7 sizes

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ProFolio ArtEnvelope One

ITOYA brings art transportation to the modern era with the all-new line of Art Profolio® brand ArtEnvelopes, a new twist on a traditional style portfolio. Designed to withstand the elements better than cheap paper based envelopes, the ArtEnvelope ONE is made from an advanced coated non-woven polypropylene material, making it weather resistant.  Strong perimeter stitching and a durable handle allow for long-term use while its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry. Available in seven popular sizes, the ArtEnvelope ONE is perfect for transporting paper, sketchpads, canvases, framed art and Art Profolio brand presentation albums to and from school, the office and important meetings. Metallic Grey Glosscoat exterior with comfortable nylon handles.

  • For Storing and Transporting artwork, photography, canvases, sketchpads and Art Profolio® Brand albums
  • Advanced, coated non-woven polypropylene
  • Weather resistant, lightweight and durable
  • Acid free and archival safe
  • Comfortable nylon handles
  • Expanding 2” gusset
  • Available in 7 sizes

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ProFolio Magnet Closure Portfolio Case

No more strings to tie! Are you tired of the old portfolio cases, with three strings to tie,
that have been around for decades and even centuries? ProFolio presents an easier
way to store and transport artwork, photography, business documents, collectibles,
and anything else you want to protect.

Lightweight, durable, and rigid, the ProFolio Magnet Closure Portfolio Case has room
for 1/4 inch of papers. The case simply opens and closes with two magnets on the
closures (the 22” x 30” has three magnets) that provide quick and easy access to your
artwork and documents. The acid-free, black polypropylene construction makes sure
your art is secure. Available in four popular art sizes.

  • No strings to tie! Easy and quick magnetic closure firmly secures documents
  • Professional grade thick polypropylene construction is lightweight and durable
  • 1/4″ capacity and protects your art and documents on all four sides


Item # Size
MG-811BK 8-1/2” x 11″
MG-1117BK 11” x 17”
MG-1824BK 18” x 24”
MG-2230BK 22” x 30″

ProFolio Zipper Binder

The ProFolio® Zipper Binder has the style and the function for the new generation of artists and designers. The fashionable high-gloss black finish gives a modern fresh look that stands out from traditional stodgy presentation and portfolio cases. Constructed from durable yet flexible poly plastic, the ProFolio Zipper Binder is lightweight with all-weather construction.

A specially designed nylon handle is comfortable to the touch, but lies flat when making table top presentations. Featuring a standard, multi-ring binder mechanism on the inside, the case can securely hold up to 40 sheet protector sleeves while the fully enclosed, hidden zipper design safely encases the contents from the elements.

Available in four popular sizes, the ProFolio Zipper Binder comes standard with five sheets of ITOYA’s exclusive PolyGlass Pages protector sheets, featuring a smooth, glass-like finish with unrivaled clarity and color transfer. Each PolyGlass Pages sheet includes a rigid, acid-free black board inside. Additional PolyGlass Pages sold separately.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • All-weather Poly construction
  • Includes five PolyGlass® Pages pocket sheets
  • Available in four popular multi-ring binder sizes
  • Acid free and archival safe


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ProFolio Zipper Portfolio

  • All-weather Poly construction
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Available in four popular sizes
  • Acid free and archival safe

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ProFolio Marker Case To Go

The student grade ProFolio® Marker Case To Go holds up to 72 markers to safely transport your design tools wherever you go. Quality crafted from all-weather polypropylene, the ProFolio Marker Case To Go zips up to completely protect your markers from the elements. Featuring comfortable carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, it’s the perfect lightweight bag for the busy, on-the-go commercial designer, graphic artist, and fashion designer.

The durable elastic holds various sized markers with larger bands for popular ink refill bottles. The interior is also large enough to hold up to a 9×12 sized marker pad or sketch pad. Practical, stylish and affordable, it’s the must have marker accessory.

  • Holds up to 72 graphic markers
  • Extra large compartments for ink refill bottles
  • All-weather Poly construction
  • Lightweight and durable

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ProFolio Marker & Pad Carrier

Design markers and large paper pads can now be transported together with the ProFolio® Marker & Pad Carrier. Available in four popular sizes, this revolutionary weather resistant case can safely sort and store up to 72 markers, pencils and drawing pads. With a comfortable handle, adjustable shoulder straps and a durable semi rigid padded exterior, the ProFolio Marker & Pad Carrier is the perfect on-the-go tool for the commercial designer, graphic artist, fashion designer and anyone who needs a stylish contemporary way to transport their tools of the trade.

Includes a removable marker holder that converts into a table-top triangle easel for easy use of markers. Durable elastic bands hold various sized markers with larger bands for popular ink refill bottles. Elastic corner bands also secure paper pads in place. Remove the marker holder and use the ProFolio Marker & Pad Carrier as a Zippered Portfolio Case for transporting photography, canvas, matted boards and more.

  • Marker and Sketch Pad Carrier
  • Removable stand-up marker holder
  • Perfect for carrying markers, marker refills, pencils and sketchbooks
  • Semi-rigid padded exterior



Fits Pads

Fits Markers


11″ x 17″ / 14″ x 17″ / A3


MP-1924BK 18″ x 24″ / 19″ x 24″ / A2


ProFolio Photo Album

ITOYA’s ProFolio® brand Photo Album uses the same archival safe polypropylene construction that has made the Art Profolio the book of choice for professional artists and photographers. It comes in three sizes: 120-photo capacity (4×6), 240-photo capacity (4×6) and 360-photo capacity (4×6). Perfect for standard photo paper, digital photo paper and card stock, each page holds three images.

The ProFolio Photo Album also features an exclusive black opaque dust cover sleeve to help keep sunlight as well as airborne contaminants away from your precious images. Reversible spine insert allows for personalization and a storage pocket on the inside cover is ideal for storing memory cards, notes, or CDs.

The 120-capacity albums also come in a handy 5-album Library Box Set. With a durable, protective outer sleeve, the box set keeps your albums sorted and organized on your shelf or desktop.

  • Genuine ITOYA quality
  • Opaque protective cover to keep sunlight out
  • Clear pocket sheets
  • Holds 3 photos per page
  • Inside CD/digital storage pocket
  • Reversible spine insert
  • Durable polypropylene construction


Item # Sizes Description
OL-120 7-1/8″ x 13-3/8″ x 7/8″ hold up to 120 4″x6″ photos
OL-120LY 7-1/4″ x 13-1/2 x 4-1/4″ (5) OL-120 library set
OL-240 7-1/8″ x 13-3/8″ x 11/2 holds up to 240 4″x6″ photos
OL-360 7-1/8″ x 13-3/8″ x 17/8 holds up to 360 4″x6″ photos

Itoya Calligraphy Marker

Let the creativity begin!  ITOYA’s Doubleheader® Calligraphy Marker will add that special touch to all of your lettering projects.The Doubleheader Calligraphy Marker provides the performance and vibrant color for all your lettering projects. Two chisel points give the option of thick or thin lines: a wide point for bold, distinctive lines and a narrow point for smaller, intricate designs.  

  • Two chisel point nib sizes: thin-(1.5mm) and thick-(3.0mm)
  • Water-soluble
  • Acid Free ink


Item # Color
CL-10-BK Black
CL-10-BU Blue
CL-10-GN Green
CL-10-PK Pink
CL-10-PU Purple
CL-10-RD Red
CL-100 6 marker poly box set with one of each color

ProFolio Premium Album

The ProFolio® Premium presentation albums are a whole new way to display cherished photos, documents, arts and crafts, and mementos. Simply peel back the crystal clear PolyGlass sheet, set your items on the archival safe, repositionable backing sheet and put the cover sheet back on to safely protect and preserve your memory items. Unlike grandma’s old photo albums, ProFolio Premium albums come with a Lifetime Guarantee. The photo-safe albums will not discolor photos, photos will not permanently stick to the pages, and the PolyGlass sheets will not discolor or crack. Quality crafted in Japan, each ProFolio Premium album combines 21st century adhesive and nano-aluminum technology in each mounting page, ensuring a lifetime of safe storage for your items.

With a quality linen cover and book bound design, the ProFolio Premium is perfect for creating your own photobook without the need to upload images or send away and wait for custom books to be delivered. Repositionable adhesive on the backing sheet means there’s just enough to securely hold the items in place on the page, while still allowing you to remove and reposition over and over again.

The ProFolio Premium is available in three sizes, in three Linen Cover colors: black, brown and cream. Each with 20 pages.

  • Simple to use: Simply peel back PolyGlass® sheet, position and cover.
  • Acid free and photo safe
  • For photos, artwork, mementos, craft projects, keepsakes and more. 20 pages.
  • Will not discolor, crack or dry out. Made in Japan.
  • Available in three sizes, in three colors: black, brown and cream.


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Itoya Xenon® Gripper® Pen

Presenting the revolutionary Itoya XENON® Gripper® retractable pen. Stunning design, and advanced ink technology at a surprisingly affordable price. The new benchmark for all writing instruments.

  • Futuristic styling with generous chrome accents
  • Large, comfortable rubber grip with pressure ridges
  • Lightweight, well-balanced barrel with translucent, see-thru design
  • Retail price far less than comparable retractable pens

Featuring ITOYA’s exclusive AquaRoller® refill.

  • Smooth flowing ink for unparalleled writing comfort
  • Low-viscosity, acid-free ink formula rolls smoothly
  • Unique stainless-steel needle-point tip designed for rigidity
  • 1.0mm medium point, low-friction roller ball


Item #Color

XE-100-BU Ocean (Blue)
XE-100-GN Emerald (Green)
XE-100-GY Thunder Cloud (Gray)
XE-100-OR Amber (Orange)
XE-100-PU Amethyst (Purple)
XE-100-RD Lava (Red)
XE-100-TQ Turquoise

ProFolio Multi-Ring Binder

The Art Profolio Multi-Ring Refillable Binder features a sleek, contemporary exterior design with durable, matte black precision steel binder rings.

Made from a unique and proprietary process, the polypropylene cover is rigid to protect the contents, yet lightweight for easy transport of your important presentations.  A unique, center mounted, multi-fold spine allows the Art Profolio Multi-Ring Refillable Binder to lay perfectly flat for presentations.

Designed for use with ITOYA’s exclusive PolyGlass® Pages refill sheets, featuring crystal clear clarity and glass smooth texture.  Includes one pack plus bonus sheet.

Archival safe and acid-free.  Available in fourteen popular digital image and art sizes.

  • Sleek contemporary design

  • Rigid and lightweight polypropylene cover

  • Multi-fold spine opens flat for presentations

  • For use with ITOYA PolyGlass® crystal clear refill
    sheets. Includes one pack (of ten) plus bonus sheet

  • Capacity – Up to 40 PolyGlass Pages

  • Available in vertical & horizontal formats

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ProFolio PolyZip Envelopes

The Art Profolio® brand PolyZip® Envelopes by ITOYA are the best way to organize and store your art and photography. Available in ten popular sizes, the Art Profolio PolyZip Envelopes are made from durable polypropylene and are archival safe for long term storage.

Featuring an easy to use zip closure, the Art Profolio PolyZip Envelopes seal out the elements to help resist dust and moisture. An expanding gusset provides flexible storage for a single or a stack of art and photo materials; Ideal for carrying supplies and organizing projects too. The Art Profolio PolyZip Envelope also has a single sheet pocket in the front for a routing slip or a content sample.

From photographs to digital printer outputs to posters, the Art Profolio family of products are the ultimate in storage and organizational solutions for the artist and photographer.

  • Easy-to-use zip closure
  • Clear front pocket
  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • Archival safe
  • Expanding 1-1/4″ gusset for added storage


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Itoya Switch Stapler

Pre-loaded, disposable staple cassettes designed for use with the SWITCH family of staplers. Color-coded for easy size recognition ensures the right size staple for your specific paper binding need. Each cassette contains 200 precision chiseled, surgical-grade metal staples to effortlessly and consistently drive through paper.

  • A durable, yet lightweight composite construction with rubber base grip
  • Easily switches between five interchangeable staple cassettes for maximum stapling flexibility
  • Its patented design effortlessly drives precision, surgical-grade metal staples into paper


Item #

Color of Cassette

ST-5GY Gray Stapler
STC-6 Blue 2-30 sheets
STC-8 Yellow  30-50 sheets
STC-10 Green 50-70 sheets
STC-12 Red 70-100 sheets

ProFolio Evolution

With stylish nylon stitching and value price, the Art ProFolio®Evolution from ITOYA is the next big thing in art and photo storage!  Along with its sibling, the Original Art ProFolio, the Art ProFolio Evolution is the only storage and presentation book of its kind.  Completely, acid-free and PH-neutral through its polypropylene, PVC-free construction and quality crafted, acid-free black mounting paper, the Art ProFolio Evolution is archival safe for all your art storage needs.

Great for photographs and digital images. Top-loading, clear polypropylene sheets will not stick to copier toner and are ideal for storing artwork and memory projects. Keeps your materials secure and organized. Durable polypropylene cover resists moisture and dust. The Art ProFolio Evolution is available in ten popular sizes, with 24 pages for 48 views.

  • Durable polypropylene cover

  • Stylish stitch cover accent

  • Clear, top-loading pocket sheets

  • Thick gauge black, acid-free mounting paper

  • 24 pages for 48 views


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ProFolio Advantage


Featuring the same ITOYA-exclusive crystal-clear PolyGlass® pocket sheets used in all Art ProFolio® Professional books, the Art ProFolio Advantage sports a fresh contemporary look for the ultimate understatement in presentation and storage.  Using a special polypropylene material, the Art ProFolio Advantage incorporates a rigid, yet lightweight black poly cover for added durability with easy-to-carry mobility.  The Advantage, fashioned with a muted texture cover surface, features a multi-fold spine that lies completely flat to ensure that your Photos and Artwork are the stars of your presentation.

Combining quality, durability and style, the PolyGlass pages are fastened solidly to the cover with black anodized metal rivets giving the Advantage its strength and unique, modern look. 24 PolyGlass sheets allow for up to 48 inserts. As with all Art ProFolio brand books, the Advantage is acid-free and PVC-free with European-sourced acid-free mounting paper.

  • Exclusive PolyGlass® pocket sheets; crystal clear clarity unlike any other
  • Rigid and lightweight polypropylene cover
  • Acid free and archival safe
  • Thick gauge black, acid free mounting paper
  • Genuine ITOYA quality
  • 24 pages for 48 views
  • PolyGlass sheets made in Japan. Black paper made in Italy.  Assembled in China.  Contains Recycled Polypropylene

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Pen Refills

ITOYA’s pen refills come in 0.7 mm fine point, 1.0 mm medium point, and 0.5 mm low-friction rollerball. Low viscosity, acid-free ink formula rolls smoothly and flows generously for unparalleled writing comfort. Additionally, the AquaRoller Refills fit any pen that requires a standard Parker® style refill. Made in Japan.

Pen Refill Chart

AquaRoller Pens Gel Pens Ballpoint Pens Roller Ball Pens


AQR-7 (0.7mm)
Color: Black
O  O O
AQR-10 (1.0mm)
Color: Black
u  O O
AQR-10 (1.0mm)
Color: Blue
O  O O
GPR-7 (0.7mm)
Color: Black
O u O
GPR-7 (0.7mm)
Color: Blue
O  O O
GPR-7 (0.7mm)
Color: Green
O  O O
GPR-7 (0.7mm)
Color: Purple
O  O O
GPR-7 (0.7mm)
Color: Red
O  O O
Color: Black
u O
NPR-5 (0.5mm)
Color: Black, Blue
u O
NPR-7 (0.7mm)
O  O


u = Original refill inserted in pen (Black ink)       O = Optional refills

PaperSkater Timeless Pen

The PaperSkater Timeless® pen’s hexagonal solid metal body creates an industrial and modern look, while the accent color inlays offer a playful and retro 1960’s feel. As the PaperSkater’s flagship pen, the Timeless has a nice weight to it that feels good in the hand while writing.

Assembled in California, the Timeless ballpoint pen’s smooth twist mechanism is made in Germany, along with the Parker-style EasyFlow medium German refill that has the “liquid ink” feel of a rollerball, but all the advantages of a ballpoint. High quality ingredients make a great pen! Offered as a twist ballpoint pen, the PaperSkater Timeless pen is available in two barrel colors: Black IP and Gunmetal Gray — and three different color inlays: ocean, rose, and white.

  • Hexagonal metal body
  • Nice weight, feels good in the hand
  • Smooth twist mechanism made in Germany
  • Parker-style EasyFlow German medium ballpoint refill
  • Available in two barrel colors: Black IP and Gunmetal Gray, and three color inlays: Ocean, Rose, and White


Item # Description
TL-BK-OC IP Black with Ocean blue inlays
TL-BK-RS IP Black with Rose inlays
TL-BK-WT IP Black with White inlays
TL-GM-OC Gunmetal with Ocean blue inlays
TL-GM-RS Gunmetal with Rose inlays
TL-GM-WT Gunmetal with White inlays

Itoya Springpost Binder

A large capacity storage binder that fits any standard bookshelf. Through its unique flat post spine design, the SpringPost Binder requires less space than traditional 3-ring heavy duty binders. Great for storing invoices, flyers, directories, price lists, important records, and documents. Includes a reversible spine insert for customized labeling of contents. Accomodates 8.5″ x 11″ letter size paper. A favorite of many doctors and attorneys offices!

  • Large capacity storage and retrievable binder.
  • Each binder has 5 interchangeable color-coded spines and 5 tabbed dividers.
  • Great for storing invoices, flyers, directories, price lists, important records and documents.


Item# Sizes
P-15 1-1/2″ paper capacity
P-20 2″ paper capacity
P-30 3″ paper capacity
P-40 4″ paper capacity



Itoya PolyEnvelope

The ITOYA PolyEnvelope collection is the industry standard in polypropylene filing and storage envelopes.

Its lightweight yet durable construction resists moisture to protect your valuables from the elements. The PolyEnvelope features heat-welded seams, making it much more durable and long lasting then traditional paper envelopes. In addition, its see-through design allows for easy identification of the contents, while its top flap seals securely with either a string fastener or Velcro closure.

  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • Reusable
  • Moisture, stain and tear resistant
  • Great for office, school, craft, hobby, art and home projects
  • Transparent, for color-coding and visual identification of contents

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ProFolio with Clear Cover

The Profolio with Clear Cover® features a full-view pocket on the front cover and a reversible spine insert label for fully customized presentations and reports. Incorporating the same durable cover and clear pocket sheets utilized in all ITOYA Profolio products, the Profolio with Clear Cover is perfect for presentations and organization at the office, school and home. 

PVC-free, dust repelling polypropylene construction also means documents will not fade or stick to the sheets, making the Profolio with Clear Cover ideal for storing photocopied, laser printed and inkjet documents.

  • Great for Presentations and Reports

  • Letter size front pocket for custom covers

  • Durable polypropylene construction

  • Clear, non-stick sheet pockets

  • Ideal for laser printed and photo copied documents

  • Standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ letter size

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ProFolio Project Folder

ITOYA ProFolio’s Project Folder solves the problem of how to cost effectively transport a small number of important documents, photographs, artwork, memorabilia, and other fragile or precious papers.

The Project Folder is a document holder sleeve with a clear cover and frosted back for dual side visibility. The thick backing adds rigidity to protect documents from creases or folds. The unique tab system at the top prevents papers from sliding out when the folder is being transported or turned upside down. Also great for mailing art and documents, the Project Folder is made from acid-free and archival safe polypropylene. Available in 5 popular sizes.

  • The perfect folder for all types of home, office, school or organizational projects
  • Unique tab system for easy and secure  document storage or transportation
  • Clear front and frosted back for dual side  visibility of contents
  • Thick back board for rigidity
  • Acid-free, archival quality, polypropylene construction

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ProFolio Journal Sidekick

The ProFolio Journal Sidekick is designed to work with almost every kind of journal or notebook that is currently available in the marketplace. It truly is a one-size-fits-all pen holder. Using a patent-pending design, the pen holder attaches to journals and notebooks using two strong magnets that simply sandwich the journal’s front cover. Made out of a durable and modern recycled leather, the Journal Sidekick also comes with a free ITOYA BLADE ready-to-write fountain pen.

The ProFolio Journal Sidekick can also be attached to binders, books, presentation books, files and other documents, briefcases, bags, purses, shoulder straps, clothing, and anywhere else you might need a Sidekick to carry your pen for you. The back flap can also be used as a bookmark for your journal.

  • The pen holder that attaches to your journal magnetically!
  • Fits most journal sizes
  • Made from recycled leather
  • Patent pending
  • Includes free ITOYA BLADE ready-to-write fountain pen


Item # Color
JS1-BK Black
JS1-BR Brown

ProFolio Expo

With unmatched value and compact 12-page design, the Art Profolio® EXPO is the perfect “leave behind” presentation book for every professional artist and photographer. Features the same pH-neutral, PVC-free, polypropylene construction and quality crafted, acid-free black mounting paper as all Art Profolio brand books.

Great for photographs and film. Top-loading polypropylene sheets will not stick to copier toner and is also ideal for storing artwork and memory projects. Keeps your materials secure and organized. Durable polypropylene cover resists moisture and dust. Available in five popular art sizes.

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ProFolio ZigZag

Art Profolio® ZigZag® is the all-new way to share your photos and prints!  Gone are the days of Grandma’s bulky and clumsy traditional photo albums.  ZigZag’s modern and sleek design makes it the perfect image album for the twenty-first century family. With a rigid and durable frosted cover made from composite material, the ZigZag features twelve permanently attached clear pocket sleeves to hold up to 24 photos and images.

Each picture will be protected from dust, moisture and finger prints while the vibrant colors and memories shine right through. And because new digital printers can produce photos in many different sizes, you can go big with ZigZag!  From 4×6 to 8½x11 to 11×17 to even the popular 13×19 size, ZigZag comes in all the popular digital printer paper sizes. ZigZag is also available in 8×8 and 12×12 square photo size.

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ProFolio PolyGlass Pages

The crystal clear clarity of PolyGlass® is  now available for your refillable binders; the most superior refill pages available on the market today at a value price. ITOYA’s exclusive PolyGlass Pages, featuring seventeen popular digital imaging sizes.

The archival safe PolyGlass Pages fit all standard multi-ring binders and feature a thick gauge European-sourced acid free mounting board inside each sheet.  Crystal clarity and texture-free surface unlike any other pocket before ensure your images shine through like you’re looking through glass.

Perfect for photographs, digital images and artwork.  Will not stick to ink jet, laser or copier toner.  For use with all popular standard multi-ring binders.  PolyGlass sheets are made in Japan; black paper is made in Belgium.  Assembled in China.

  • Acid free, archival safe

  • Standard multi-ring binder holes

  • Exclusive crystal clear PolyGlass® polypropylene material

  • Photo, toner and ink jet-safe

  • Acid free paper insert included

  • Unique rigid spine weld designed for easy insertion into MultiRing Binder

  • Available in vertical and horizontal formats

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